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Armour Vehicle Upgrades

The free consultancy service we provide has proved invaluable especially on ground systems. We have helped simplify and therefore reduce costs on many projects, most notably the armour vehicle up grades over the last few years.

One good example of this is the use of our powder coating facilities. Everyday we will be running IRR (infra red reflecting) NATO Green to DEF STAN 80-208 or DEF STAN 80-166 but the much cheaper and as affective is the powder coat to DEF STAN 80-122/2, which is also IRR.

Other colours that are regularly being used are several shades of Dessert Sand, all chemically resistant to DEF STAN 80-208.

Short Lead times

Over the last few years our one stop shop has allowed us on occasion to offer very short LEAD TIMES.

We have been able to participate in many UOR situations that require a fast and flexible response.

Having most processes on site is a major strength in responsiveness. For example our on site welding capability ranges from brass, copper and aluminium to a whole range of heat treatable alloys in thickness as small as 0.5mm up to 50mm.

Certificates of conformity are standard and free.

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