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40 Years of Experience

Over the last 40 years CPS Engineering has been involved in a whole plethora of Telecom related projects, in the fields of sonar, radar and telephone systems, for companies such as EADS, Nortel, Thales, BAE and Thomson Reuters.

CNC punching and laser cutting, followed by top quality satin anodising and silk-screening are standard request for CPS Engineering.

Powder coating and 2 pack paints in colours such as dawn grey, goose grey, dove grey and NATO Green are all ex-stk and special order colours are easily produced.

Also fabricated enclosures, especially from aluminium can be manufactured from as little as 0.5mm aluminium, such is the craftsmanship of the welding..

Free Consultation

We pride ourselves on this service. Many designs call up rare and expensive materials or may have expensive features due to tolerances and dimensions.

We will make free site visits or draft drawing appraisals to identify any savings that can in most cases be relatively easily achieved without compromising form or function. For example using stock material specs and sizes and making small changes to ease manufacturing methods thus improving our customer’s competitive advantage.

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